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eMarketing Strategies Must Drive Revenue

In today's digital environment, marketers must make every online interaction count. This level of B2B content marketing effectiveness requires:

  • Getting to know prospects and customers extremely well.
  • Using that intelligence to create contagious content platforms.
  • Designing and executing eMarketing strategies engineered to increase sales.

That’s just what Marketing Interactions helps B2B marketers with complex sales to achieve.

There are six critical components to exceptional eMarketing:

Build Buyer Insights and Attract Engagement

Knowing your buyers is critical to engaging them on their terms. Buyer Synopses move marketers beyond demographics to include personas applied to problem-to-solution scenarios that help marketers develop marketing content mapped to the buying process to connect with prospect with the right information at the right time. Attention is critical to long-term, progressive engagement. Addressing your prospect's priorities will make that happen.

Create Contagious Content Platforms

When you know your prospects and customers really well it becomes second nature to create content so compelling and on-target that – once it’s discovered – your buyers must have more of it. Contagious content must educate them about what they need to know, apply your company’s unique expertise in addition to your product and prove you walk your talk through the sharing of evidence. How effectively you employ this content makes the difference in the outcomes you achieve.

Evolve Lead Nurturing Programs

Leveraging strategic lead nurturing programs is critical to increasing pipeline momentum. Continuous and relevant interactions forge deeper connections with customers and generate active interest from qualified, sales-ready prospects. Because the story resonates and is integral to their problem solving, a progressive relationship develops that increases demand.

Escalate Pipeline Momentum

Once you’ve gotten your prospects’ attention, you must help them take next steps. Passive reading of your content doesn’t move them closer to buying—interactive, relevant experiences do. Marketers who reach beyond scheduled nurturing touches to engage prospects in parallel with buying stages will see shorter time to sales.

Empower Sales for Seamless Transition

Enabling your sales force to extend the story marketing has shared with prospects from the beginning, amplifies their engagement at the hand off. When marketing helps salespeople become valued and trusted advisors, won deals become the norm, and your customers become raving fans.

Integrate Social Networks

Social media platforms integrated with eMarketing strategies create increased interplay and extend opportunities to engage your prospects and customers wherever they spend time online. Sharing valuable ideas and participating more personally can humanize your company, build credibility and add to the momentum you're already generating to turn prospects into buyers—not to mention increasing the loyalty of existing customers.

The combination of building prospect engagement, nurturing them to sales readiness and enabling your sales force to pick up the conversation at the transition drives increased revenues. An integrated eMarketing strategy also serves to open new markets and increase active demand. Higher engagement means sales cycles are shortened, sales effectiveness is increased and customer loyalty soars, along with revenues.

Marketing Interactions works with our clients to create eMarketing strategies for the complex sale that are compelling, highly leveraged and, most importantly, designed with the customer in mind.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you get outstanding results from an integrated eMarketing and content strategy.